Eating at Home Slashes ‘Diabetes Risk’ by 15%

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  1. .Harvard study tracked dining habits of 100,000 people over 26 years!
  2. .None had type 2 diabetes at the start but 9,000 had developed it by the end
  3. .Analysis discovered that meals made from home lower the risk 
  4. .Fast Food and ‘Dine out’ ‘high in energy and fat but low in micronutrients’
  5. We noticed a big decrease in overall health, aside from the development of type 2 
  6. diabetes”  – Harvard Study
  7. The lack of nutrients of inside of fried foods and frozen meats lead to colon cancer and a massive increased risk of type 2 diabetes on a 26 year study performed by the brains of the Harvard University Team, “After a 26 year study of 100,000 people, we have seen that with the daily diet of fast foods and eating out; foods that already have a limited amount of micronutrients but high amounts of carbohydrates, people tend to retrieve health defects such as excess body fats, clogged arteries, and type 2 diabetes.” – Harvard Study Team