Hudnall Homes Custom Home Builders Interview with Rick


Our meeting with Rick, owner of Hudnall Homes. Owns a company that specializes in custom homes here in the Colorado Springs community. We were lucky to meet with Rick onsite of one of his newest projects, looking at the spacious home in the works, I knew this wasn’t just your everyday single family home. No, these are so much more than that. I would classify this style of home as more of a  luxurious style home, with plenty of space on the inside, absolutely breath taking in person. A home any homeowner would be proud to show off once finished. We went right into our questions about his business, as not to take up too much of his time. The summer is always the busiest time of the year for most home builders and Rick is no exception to that rule.

1)Tell me about your business, when did you guys get started? “I’m actually from Houston, TX and I started there in 1980 building with my dad. I moved in 1995 and started Custom Home Building Company here in Colorado Springs. Started building Custom homes 20 years ago and we have them built all over El Paso County. The project here is a 18 home, single-family home project, from around 1,900 square feet finish to 2,500 square feet finished. Has 4 or 5 bedrooms as well as a recreation room, with a really nice finish. This is a pretty luxurious community here.”

2)What made you get into the business of building custom homes? “Family, my father was a custom home builder and I just kinda followed him. He was doing it when I was in high school, framing houses and such and I just kinda went into business with him.”

3)If you had to start all over from square one what would you have done differently? “I would of tried to build into a business that had more of a staff and less of a 1 person run business, to be able to build more homes per year.”

4)What is the toughest part about owning a business in 2016? “Government regulations, no doubt about it. They just keep coming, they keep getting more and more interference with the business, and it’s just more and more paper work, more and more stuff to do. Building houses isn’t all that hard if you know what you’re doing and have a background in it. The regulations make it tough, and make the houses cost a lot more money too.”

5)Why would customers choose you over the competition? “Well I’m hands on, I don’t at this time use a superintendent, I’m out on the job everyday. I’m the one that goes over the jobs, does the design work, does all the building, scheduling, and everything. Customers build directly with the builder and director with us, rather than a superintendent. So I’m more hands on.”

6)How are you bringing in new clients? “Almost always by referrals, I get referrals from people that I’ve built for before, or remodeled for before. People that know me, it’s almost always by referrals, every now and then they will find our website and we’ll get linked up that way. We have plans online so people can even check out a lot of the plans online.”


7)Where would you like to see your business in the future? “I’d like to get to a point where we’re doing 3 – 4 houses going at once and just build it from there. Do a couple of these type of houses and maybe a couple custom homes at the same time. Have some more help so we can do more.”

Overall our meeting went well and I was able to keep it short enough to not take up too much of his time. I can say that Rick takes pride in the work that he does, his staff seemed to pay close attention to detail, even with me being there, his workers seemed not to be distracted at all. That’s the kind of focus you can expect from Hudnall Homes with Rick being the hands on type of owner. You can find out more information about their Custom home building company on their website:


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