Interview with Bob Meldon: Owner of Sundown Landscaping & Irrigation


When looking for custom landscaping companies in the community, we came across Sundown Landscaping. They have been a part of the Colorado Springs community since the 1990’s! Bob Meldon (Owner) has a degree in Landscape Architecture from the Colorado State University. Unlike most landscaping companies, Bob doesn’t focus on the maintenance part of the landscaping, but rather the design and construction of beautiful custom landscapes. I met with Bob on a typical Sunny afternoon here in Colorado Springs. During this meeting we asked Bob about his business and how he got started in this industry, here’s what was said:

What was the year you established your company? “1995 is when we started. A friend of mine and I were working at a landscaping company, and we decided to start our own company. He said he wanted to keep the company small, but I found out later that he was talking about doing all the work himself.”

What struggles did you have when opening your business? “There wasn’t really a struggle, the economy was pretty good at that time. So it was kind of a slow and steady growth until the recession hit. With a degree in Landscape Architecture, from Colorado State University, I had also worked for companies that were doing mainly design and build landscaping. We do the design on paper first then go over it together with the client. So we have a pretty good idea what we’re going to do before we even start.”

If you had to start over from square one, would you have done anything different? “Not that I can think of. We are different than the landscaping maintenance end of it. We do landscape construction, landscape installation, and renovations primarily. In the 1990’s there was a lot more new home construction than there is today, so that’s what we did primarily, as well as some renovations. Today it’s more renovations and a smaller amount of new homes since they aren’t building as much. We’ve done a lot of work in Mt.Shadows, we had landscaped some homes there. Then during the Waldo Canyon fires, some of the homes burned down or a lot of the landscaping burned down so we went back in there and re-did the landscaping again.”

How are you currently bringing in new clients? “We use social media a lot. We also have a website that helps out tremendously, ‘’. I was looking at different aspects to bring in new clients, word of mouth is really the best way, and we have a lot of repeat customers!”

Do you think the internet has played a big role? “I think it used to be harder to attract customers. Today, we have an A+ rating with the BBB, reviews on Yelp we have some 5 star ratings so that helps out a lot.”

Biggest struggle in 2016? “Finding high-quality employees is always a struggle, 2 of our employees have been there for more than 8 years and some have been there for more than 4 years. We tend to get a couple people during the summers that are just temporary since they don’t work in the winter or we don’t have as much work in the winter.”

After meeting with Bob I can tell that he has a lot of experience and that he takes pride in his work. If you have a custom landscaping project that you need to complete call Sundown Landscaping, you will be getting quality staff to help make your landscape dreams a reality. For beautiful landscaping work call Sundown Landscaping & Irrigation at (719)684-8340 or check out their website to see some of the work they have already done:



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