Interview with Davin Roark Owner of Mr. Mowitall


You may have seen him around town here in Colorado Springs, Mr. Mowitall. I met with Davin Roark 16 year old owner of Mr. Mowitall. Davin gave me a GREAT first impression. He is very ambitious for his age group, clean and professional looking. I was shocked to find out he is only 16 years old!! I would say most kids his age are busy playing video games instead of running a company. Our meeting took place with Davin at a local coffee shop and asked him about his business and how he got started. Here’s what he had to say:

Toughest part about starting in this industry? “I underestimated how hot it is outside and after mowing 2 – 3 lawns a day, you get real thirsty. To me it’s one of those jobs that doesn’t really feel like work to me since I like the outside anyways. Sometimes I just put on my headphones for 2 hours, and mow grass. I do it so often it’s kind of like second nature by this point.”

If you had to start over would you have done anything differently? “I like the way I started, I wasn’t expecting to start off the way I did. I asked people to share my Facebook post. I had no idea a lot of people would share it. I started getting a lot of calls pretty soon after. Since I’ve started, I now have a few clients that I keep a schedule with, these are clients use me pretty regularly. I also have some clients who might call me up because they are going out of town, and they need someone to mow their lawn while they are away.”

What would you say is the #1 way you’re bringing in new clients? “Word of mouth, referrals. It feels great when I get a phone call from someone who mentions to me that they were recommended by an existing client.”

Very friendly, very positive attitude. This is what to expect from Mr. Mowitall. Tired of having to cut your grass in the hot Colorado Springs sun? Count on Davin to get your lawn taken care of. To request service from Mr. Mowitall you can contact Davin at: 719-465-4786


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