Interview with Jake from Five Star Hail

PDR Colorado Springs

Company Name: 5 Star Hail
Owner Name: Jake Schroeder
Year Business Established: 2010
Phone Number: 719-260-2338

Discription of your business: “We do everything that has to do with hail damage for vehicles. Auto hail repair, replacing panels, putting moldings on, and glass replacement including windsheilds. We do everything as far as painting, bumper to bumper, and of course paintless dent removal.”

How did you get started in this business and why this industry? “I’ve always loved cars. Dad owned an auto body shop growing up. We were always building hot rods and fixing cars around the community. I went to the same school he did in missuri where I learned the craft. In 2004 there were hail storms all over the country, and all over the world. I did a lot of storm chasing before finally settling here in Colorado Springs.”

Why do your customers select you over your competitors? “Local business that’s been supporting our military, try to donate towards anything I can, car shows, go to various events in the community. We’re growing every single year. We have a greater customer base, because we have great customers! Our customers are always leaving us great reviews, and return customers are huge! We’ve fixed some peoples cars 4 times now, they keep coming back which speaks to our level of service. Location is big for us too, and of course being here for as long as we have. Being an established business that supports the local community has helped us out the most.”

Any struggles in 2016 since that category 5 hail storm hit? “There is just so much involved, especially after a huge hail storm it can get caotic. My phone rang probably 100 times the day after the storm, so it’s just non stop ever since. People don’t always know what to do, such as calling their insurance company when it happens. We’re here to help guide them through the process. The big influx of customers is the hardest part. Putting roofs on cars is a tough one too. We’re running out of parts so we’re having to put some things on back order. Unfortunately we’re having to schedule some of our customers out. 2-3 day turn around cars are turning into 3 week turn around cars.”