Interview with Josh & Christina Noel – Quality Roofing


In my first meeting with Josh & Christina Noel, I understood then and there that this is a local, family oriented business that cares much for their Quality, Integrity, and their Community of Colorado Springs. Josh is definitely down to earth, fun, and easy to get along with. We met with Josh & Christina to talk about their roofing business ‘Quality Roofing’ where they excel most in roofing, insulation, siding, and gutters. They both are proud to have built their company on reputation, and continue to strive for quality and integrity within the community.

1)When did you get started?

2) What was it that made you want to start this business in this industry?
“I worked for other roofing companies when I was younger. When you’re young you don’t really pay much attention, you just do your thing. But as you start to get a little older and if you have integrity, you start to see things that kinda go against what you believe in. That’s when I decided I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I wasn’t just going to follow. If you’re going to do a project do it right, don’t just slap it together.”

3) What was the biggest struggle you went through while getting your company off the ground?
“Every bit of it, mostly pricing. Just making sure you’re getting the jobs and not doing them for free or worse losing money. Back when I first started 13 years ago, price of shingles and everything else was cheap, so the price to do a job wasn’t much. Just trying not to be upside down on the job was something I had to make sure of.”

4) If you were to start over from day 1, would you do anything differently?
“What would I do different? I would have listened to people around me that were giving me advice. Since they weren’t in the roofing business, obviously they had no idea what they were talking about, right? In business, I would have listened to their advice and done it verbatim what they told me to do. Cause here now every year goes by and I’m like… I remember I was told to do this years ago. So listening to wisdom, not just anybody, but people who care about you, and following their advice.”

5) What is the toughest part of owning a company 2016?
“People. Finding quality people that want to work, or want to do their job. If you interview 10 people, you may be able to find 1 person that’s possibly teachable, who is willing to learn, and that actually want to learn. Everything that makes a business run is people.”

6) If a customer had a choice between you and 3 of your competitors why would you suggest them try you first?
“The only way that I want customers drawn to us is because they like us and trust us. Not because of what we’ve told them but what other people have said about us. People can say things all day long, but it’s the action behind it.”

7) What’s the #1 way you’re currently bringing in new clients?
“Referrals. That’s the biggest part of it. We want to be known for our quality and integrity.”


After meeting with Josh and Christina, I know they care much about their craft and even more about the people who they work for. Josh is definitely a good guy with a great sense of humor. Honest and moral are the 2 traits that come to my mind when thinking of Josh’s character. Overall it was very nice meeting with Josh and his family. We couldn’t thank them enough for taking the time out of their busy schedules to meet with us. To reach Josh or Christina you can call them at:


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