Fibrenew, Interview with Kelton Fuller

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I had went to Mr. Kelton Fuller‘s residence to conduct an interview with him and his business, “Fibrenew” in which he specializes in repairing fabrics. The key difference he wanted people to know about his business is that he doesn’t just replace the whole piece if there is a tear in it, he actually repairs it, which is cost effective and less wasteful and even though his business is technically reupholstering he doesn’t relate to the traditional companies. His demeanor was very approachable and his open mindedness was very comforting. He is also chamber of commerce in Texas! I continued to ask him questions about his business and what he does (all quotations are his words):

1)When did you start this business? “We have businesses in Texas, but in Colorado springs we started in April 2012, 4 years now”

2)What drove you to start this business? “I was tired of working for other people, I had just came back from Iraq and I started working as a subcontractor, and was thinking ‘Why would I work for others?’.. So I was drawn to this..”

3)If you had to start it all over from day 1 would you have done it differently? “Less trepidation at the beginning.. you don’t think you are good enough at the beginning, but you are, we are problem solvers; you got a problem, I can fix the problem, let me know if you want your problem fixed…so no I just would have gotten into it sooner”

4) Why should a customer choose you over three other similar companies? “Why do all the big warranty companies choose us? We are in 5 countries and 44 states…the guy on craigslist will most likely not offer what we offer, do you want cheap or quality?; We can keep them informed on their options and why they should choose the path, if they want a specific price then sure I can match it, it just may not include a full warranty and all the extras I can offer”

5)whats the #1 way you receive new customers? “Internet searches, then its word of mouth, sometimes LAZ-BOY sends us business, and some businesses like that”

6) 6 months to a year from now where would you like to see your business? “Complete dominance of Colorado Springs! I would like to continue to penetrate the market, at some point everyone is going to need my service!”

Eventually Mr. Fuller wants to grow and expand the business, if you are interested in working for/with him or would like some upholstering work please give him a call:

719 266 0600



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