Interview with Kevin Tebedo: Owner of Western Roofing Specialists


kevinheadshotOur meeting with Kevin Tebedo, owner of Western Roofing Specialists, went very well. Recently we sat down with Kevin at a local coffee shop to discuss his business and what he does for the local community here in the Springs. We asked Kevin some basic questions about his business and how he got his start in this industry, here’s what we discussed:

When did you first establish your business?  “1996.”

Why did you want to start in this industry? “I just wanted to start my own company, I didn’t care if I had to shovel chicken poop. I was just sick and tired of working for other people. I was tired of having someone else tell me when to go, when to get up, when I can take my vacation, and tired of working to build someone’s dream. I said nah, I don’t want to do that anymore. So I looked into starting my own business, I didn’t care really what it was, as long as it was in my realm. I also didn’t want to have to go to school and get a PHD or anything like that. A friend of mine was in the roofing industry and he asked me if I had ever considered roofing. I said never in a 100 million years. He told me it’s a pretty good business, so I tried it. I worked it for 3 solid years, worked as a subcontractor. After 3 years I decided that yeah this is something I can do. I’m an entrepreneur, so I own several businesses. I’m also a professional parliamentarian.”

What was the most difficult thing about starting in this industry? “Learning curve, those that are a big success in your industry aren’t going to teach you how to become a big success. So there is a lot of learning involved.”

Now that you have been in business, knowing what you know now, would you have done anything different? “I would have chosen something else. I’m being honest, knowing what I know now, I would have found something I could duplicate, like a franchise or something. Something that wasn’t as conventional.”

What is the most difficult thing about being a business owner in 2016? “Probably one of the toughest things in any business is being able to manage all your expenses without debt. Government regulations is a big one. If you have employees, they are in your face, and you are never left alone. The threat of lawsuit looms out there at all times from customers and employees.”

What’s the Primary way you’re bringing in new clients? “Through word of mouth, referral advertising. Mostly people that I do business with, people that like me, they have no problem referring me.”

Do you think the internet has played a big role? “Yes, I’d say the internet has. It definitely allows you to pinpoint your marketing better. Allows you to use more demographics to get your information out there, but it’s significantly more expensive. Roofing is what I like to call an emergency impulse buy. For Example; Homeowners that are looking to sell their house, then they realize their roof is in bad shape, and they need to get it done.


It was a pleasure meeting with Kevin Tebedo and getting to know his company more! They are local to Colorado Springs and available to service your roofing needs. To schedule service please call Western Roofing Specialists at 719-591-0053
You can also check out their website at



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