Rowan Electric and Rowan Technologies, interview with Chris and Gary

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I (Wrenn) met with Gary and Chris, two men whom have been solidified and bonded to their company; Rowan Electric. Chris tells me that just off a whim and by believing he could make it happen; he basically separated from another electric company and made his own standards and a very fair pay that beats hourly incentives! The method that Rowan electric and rowan technologies use is extremely effective and beyond that the customer service in turn is extraordinary. Gary and Chris are very passionate about the company and it is something that Chris says he “doesn’t own it” he just helped build it up but now it is “all of ours” as if everyone in the company is responsible for it! After an awesome understanding of the company, Chris explains how and when he started:


Company Name: Rowan Electric / Rowan Technologies

Owner: Chris Swayne

Year Established: 2014 Rowan electric

2016 Rowan Technologies

Website:  and

Phone Number: (719) 243-3690 / (719) 551-1040

Description:  Rowan Electric is focused on providing any type of electrical work to the community or to commercial size projects. Rowan Electric and Rowan Technologies focus on people and make sure they are beyond expectations of the job; they never leave a job with unhappy customers, with a work ethic beyond comparison the Rowan Group is 5/5 is customer satisfaction.

How did you get started in this business?

Rowan Electric is one of Pikes Peak fastest growing electrical contractors currently working with residential, commercial, and remodeling contractors. Chris Swayne started Rowan Electric in 2014 and is a master electrician with 10 years experience in custom homes and commercial electrical contracting. Chris used to to work with another contractor in which we oversaw large commercial projects!

Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

With over 10 years of experience Chris know what the customer does and doesn’t want. Because employees aren’t just simply paid per hour or per project they actaully take pride in there work and making sure the name is going to remain good. Rowan Electric always beats the competition on price and customer satisfaction.



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